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WDSA Board members have put considerable effort over the years into improving the disc sport climate in the badger state. This group is dedicated to promoting disc sports in Wisconsin, coordinating and organizing various disc activities.

Among the initiatives of Wisconsin Disc Sports Association will be: (1) to raise and donate funds for educational tools; (2) a basket fund which hopefully will donate a total of $800 - $1500 per year to deserving new courses (possibly 1 basket per course); (3) setting the standards, parameters & guidelines for the Wisconsin Disc Golf Summer Tour; and (4) generally making information available to all disc players within the Badger state.

I would like to see WDSA also represent ultimate and guts. Guts is basically as dormant as DDC at this time. Ultimate and disc golf are thriving in popularity and organized play and are feeding players into the other disc sports. Ultimate is pretty well organized and functioning well on its own. I hope to find ways for WDSA to benefit ultimate and other disc sports through combined public educational efforts, clinics and workshops, etc. The inclusion of Ultimate into the Badger State Games in 1999 was a big plus, WDSA Board members were involved in making this happen.

WDSA History

WDSA was a concept that came to happen through our disc golf promotional efforts. The Badger State Games, parks departments, potential sponsors and non-profit organizations such as Boy Scouts invariably ask if there is a state-wide governing body, which other sports have. This governing body would provide these organizations with a source of information about disc sports, (an authority, so to speak).

Team Wisconsin set a new "benchmark" for future organizations in the running of the 1998 PDGA Amateur World Championships. The proceeds from that event have been transferred to a nonprofit organization called the Wisconsin Disc Sports Association. For further information on "98 AM Worlds", see 1998 issues of Disc Golf World News and Disc Golf Journal magazines.

Thus, Team Wisconsin lives on, assuming a new identity, new goals and new responsibilities (including this newsletter). We plan on doing at least 2 newsletters per year. The members of WDSA Board of Directors are: Duster Don Hoffman, Terre Hoffman, Barry Schultz, Tom Jenkins, Eric Paulson, Brad Wendt & Randy Schukar.

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WDSA Changes

Many of the changes being implemented for 2002 are related to disc golf, which is growing and flourishing. The popularity of the DG Tour has contributed to the competition and camaraderie in our state.

We are going to continue to include Ultimate, Freestyle, DDC, SCF, Accuracy & Discathon in educational opportunities whenever possible, especially with youth groups. Young people thoroughly enjoy learning new skills and particpating in disc sports really spreads the smiles - its contagious!


The tour is growing in both the number of events and the number of players. A few more "mid-air corrections (MACs)" are in the works as we stand on the edge of this new tour year. The Tour will have 9 stops this year. Season rankings and skins participation will be based on the total of your 5 best finishes. The popularity of the tour will cause tour events to fill early. Consider pre-registering for the events you choose and including the tour fee. As always, tour participation is optional for those playing in any of the 9 events. Points are tracked for players registered in the tour. For further information on the web, go to


As some of you may know, the PDGA has raised the age of eligibility for the Masters division from age 35 to age 40, Grand Masters will start at age 50. All Tour events will follow suit on this age change.


New: PDGA membership is now required for all tour stops for all divisions including Intermediate (AM) divisions and Novice divisions. If you are not a PDGA member, you will pay a $5 temporary membership fee for each tour event. Youth or Juniors divisions (under age 16) are exempt from PDGA membership and the $5 temporary membership fee. PDGA points will not be tabulated for payment of the $5 temporary membership fee. The Wis Tour does not recognize Novice division, however, tour TD's may offer.

BUMP RULE: a mandatory bump rule is being implemented for Advanced & Intermediate (AM) division players. This applies to Advanced Men, Advanced Masters, Advanced Women, Intermediate (AM) Men and Intermediate Women divisions: if a player finishes in the top 20% in 80% of 5 consecutive tournaments played, the player will be bumped into the next higher division. Example: in a 20 player field, you finish 4th or better in 4 out of 5 consecutive events played, you will play the remainder of the tour events in the next higher division. If you are bumped you will automatically be reserved a spot in the final skins match in the division you were bumped out of.

Raised WDSA Fee: all tour events will collect a $2 surcharge on every player regardless of whether they are in the tour or not. In other words, $2 for every player will go to WDSA to help fund new courses and educational opportunities. The surcharges on players entering State Tour events will remain at $3 for Intermediate/Advanced divisions & $5 for Pro divisions. These funds will go toward Tour administrative charges, trophies and the skins finale. **Save money by paying up front for the entire summer season: $35 for Pros & $20 for Intermediate (AM)/Advanced divisions.

Tour Points: the manner of accumulating tour points will be the same as current "C" level PDGA points accumulation ( 1 point for playing and 1 point for everyone in your division that you beat - not just tour participants).

Skins Matches: regarding tour finale and skins matches at Sandy Point Resort & Disc Golf Ranch, this will probably be the last Northwoods Finale. Due to the growth of the tour, we will be forced to extend the tour well past the Labor Day parameters in order to accommodate more tour stops. The summer calendar is extremely crowded.

Funny Money Entry Fee: If you pay entry fee for a future tournament with funny money, you must add an additional 10% to the payment (as all vendors turn 10% of FM sales back to the TD of that tournament).

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