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Vallarta - Ast Disc Golf at Token Creek Park

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Token Creek Park offers a country club style course. Lush manicured fairways, greens, tee areas, spacious cement tees, 3 pin/hole placements at over 7,000 feet in the tournament positions.

This course is filled with the intangibles that truly make a bad day at the course better than a good day at work. The fairways are carved out of prairie grass, mature oak groves & early growth woods with all its dogwoods & other gnarly stuff (stay on the fairways!).

Taking a page from the Winthrop course in Carolina, this virginal course features a number of greens which have been built up using rock walls with pin placements on the 'edge' of the green.

The best part of this course is the commitment by the Dane County Parks Dept, which has spent around $35,000 on this project. Parks Director Ken LaPine pledged all greens fees & tournament course reservations fees will be put into the disc golf course account & spent on maintenance & improvements to the course. Ken said 'I wouldnt take this project on unless I could put in the very finest facility.

Ken has suggested that the course be called the Vallarta-Ast Disc Golf Course, in recognition of the monetary donation contributed by Larry Ast & his wife Nellie. Larry & Nellie offered to match funds to the donations of other golfers up to $10,000. Besides shaking the money tree, they also teamed with a handful of friends to design, layout & clear the trees & shrubs, form tee pads & plant over 300 trees & bushes as well as flowers.

Benches & more flowers & shrubs are in the future as these two have a lovely house right next to the course & already spend more time on the course working than they do on their own property. Want some more intangibles? Token Creek offers camping sites & a group campsite (primitive with water & bathrooms handy) that is right next to the course.

Token Creek, northeast of Madison, exit off I90-94 onto Hwy 51, go north on Hwy 51, just past truckstop turn east into park. Follow park road past group campsite, look for twin kiosk & hole #1 tee pads on right, parking on left. Greens fees for recreational play are $4 daily or $50 for yearly pass.


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Candidates for signature hole:

#2 @ 525 ft, left side of fairway a wall of tall bushy evergreens, OB on the right, a scattering of small trees & dogwood bushes in fairway, green surrounded by scattered young evergreens.

#5 @ 610 ft, (sponsored by Duster, who kept saying 'take it back further'). Fairway looks like it was beer designed as it fakes right & then goes for the post pattern (Favre connects), along the left side are some giant oaks. Along the right side young oaks & dogwoods make the fairway the only place to be. The pin can be found at the end of the line of oaks tucked under
and beneath the giants.

#7 @ 275 ft, two routes - right to left open around some oaks or left to right through an opening in the oaks. The green is two connected half-circle stone walls large enough for 3 pins, a real work of art.

#8 @ #330 ft, fairway drops off in front of tee then climbs for a net uphill throw. A wooded hole all the way, with the pin protected by a group of small oaks (4-6 inch trees).

#9 @ 330 ft, perhaps not signature, but I like this hole. The early part of this fairway was carved out of the woods, a 30 ft gate must be negotiated after which the fairway drops off & slides right to a sculpted area with rock lined greens. This was a butt ugly hole early on, but the parks crew turned this sows ear into a silk purse.

#10 @ 455 ft, elevated tee, most of the fairway is bordered by grassy vegetation & you are throwing into a wooded area. Numerous trees guard the pin with 2 alleys provided.

#15 @ 530 ft, a fishhook design with the tee area being the shank & the last part of the fairway hooking to the left. Placement is called for on this hole & going off the fairway will cost you at least a stroke. Cheater routes are available but at a terrible cost if you crash into the jungle.

With 7 candidates or more for signature hole, its easy to understand why I say 'the best course in the midwest & a competition on the national scale.


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