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Answers to questions about
the new PDGA rules for 2000-2001

In 2000, as in recent years, current PDGA membership is
mandatory for SuperTour and Major events, including Mad City
Open July 8th-9th, and the $5 temporary membership fee will not be accepted.
***Exception*** For the MCO Amateur event on July 29th, you don't have to be member or pay the $5 fee because it's a non-PDGA tournament. However, it is a stop on the Wisconsin Tour for the Intermediate (AM) and Junior Divisions. For B, C, XB and XC events the $5 fee in lieu of membership (the temporary membership fee) now applies to all players regardless of division, with the exception of Juniors. In other words, for 2000 this fee is extended to include Intermediate (AM2 and Novice (AM3) players. TDs will be collecting the $5 fee from all non or non-current PDGA members at registration/check-in. Only registered members accumulate points, paying the temporary membership fee does not allow you to accumulate points from that event. **The PDGA requires TDs to pay the $5 fee for all non-member players in these divisions, as well as Advanced and Pro divisions, whether or not the fee is collected from each of the players. Please be courteous to the overworked volunteer TDs and if you know that you need to renew or join at an event, please show up early enough to provide adequate time for the TD to do this. As in 1999, for renewals and memberships issued by a TD, PDGA logo softcards are to be issued by the TD as receipt for membership collected, upon receiving a player's new or renewed PDGA membership, usually during registration. The player can then use the soft card as proof of membership/renewal at other events, until his permanent membership card is received by snail mail. All players must show their laminated 2000 PDGA card or soft card as proof of current membership when they register at events. TDs are also provided with a list of current members, so that recently joined or renewed members can be identified. If you are planning on playing in more than 5-6 events in 2000, you will save money by joining or renewing, PDGA membership costs and forms are available through You also receive a subscription to Disc Golf World News as part of
membership. Memberships run on a calendar year basis, so if possible please join or renew early in the year. Raising the Age Divisions: effective January 1, 2000 the ages of the Master, Grandmaster, Senior Grandmaster and Legend divisions are being raised by 5 years. Players are expected to indicate their revised divisions when completing the 2000 membership forms and to provide their date of birth as proof of qualification for an age restricted division. (top of page) Invitations to 2000 Worlds: invitations for the joint Pro/AM Worlds will be determined in late January and will be based on points earned on the 1999 Tour, regardless of whether a player's division has changed as a result of raising the ages. For example, a 38 year old Pro Master with enough 1999 points will receive an invitation, but may only use that invitation to register in Pro Open division at 2000 Worlds because they no longer meet the age criteria for Pro Master. The entire Worlds player registration process will be handled by the PDGA office. The petition that continues to be circulated by persons concerned about the age division changes did not reach the required number of signatures by the Oct 15, 1999 deadline. However, the PDGA Board of Directors will review the ages issue if and when the required number of signatures is reached. Other Rules Changes: The PDGA is moving towards the implementation of 2 new rules. For 2000, it is the TDs choice whether to authorize players to use the new rules or not, this applies to all levels of sanctioned events. The Mini Optional rule: allows a player to use the thrown disc as the lie. If the player wants to use a mini, they do. If not, the disc acts as the new lie. The only time a mini is required is if the lie needs to be marked under the rules, like a disc that sticks in a tree or goes OB. As always, the player gets 30 centimeters (11 3/4 inches) behind the lie to throw from. *If you want to touch your disc then mark it with a mini. Otherwise play it where it lies as the new mark. The Flow of Play rule: allows a player who is not farthest away to throw out of order, so long as no one in the group objects. Sometimes it is much faster to allow someone who is parked under the basket to putt out. Any member of the group has the right to insist that the group play in traditional, farthest away throws next order. Rule 804.06 is being loosened: on grouping of players - in a typical 4 round event, players may be randomly grouped for the 1st round, and grouped by score regardless of division for the 2nd round. For all events, players should play at least the last half of competition (ie 2 rounds of 4) within their own divisions. Player & Course Rating System: The Statistics Committee has
been working hard to design, test and begin implementing a new rating system for players & courses. Electronic reporting is key to having a particular event included in the new ratings system. This is an exciting development that will provide a much more scientific system for ranking players and comparing player performance. Once the 1999 player ratings have been published (goal is March 2000), TDs will be able to offer events where divisions are based on player ratings. This system has the potential to reduce sandbagging and to cushion the blow of the ages being raised. (top of page) DQ and Suspension: as our exposure and sponsorship grows, the potential harm to the sport increases from public behaviours during an event such as illegal use of alcohol or other substances, loud cursing, verbal or physical threats, course destruction, cheating, etc. The PDGA expects the rules to be respected and will lend its support to TDs when needed in this regard, through player suspensions from the Tour due to inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour. Regional, State & Overseas Country Coordinators: the PDGA anticipates increasing its support of and communication with its local area coordinators during the year ahead. Also, the PDGA will be examining the possibilities of moving toward a state/province (as opposed to region) based system of player points and ratings. There are many states & provinces which do not as yet have a Coordinator. The principal roles of these positions are to ensure course listings are updated for the directory, to assist in designing local event schedules and to act as sources of information on DG and the PDGA. Please consider volunteering where there is a vacancy in your area. For starters, you get your own email address at (top of page)
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