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MadCityOpen 2006

Player Registrations
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is proud to present the
14th Annual

Glass Nickel Pizza Company

July 22 for Junior and Intermediate players
July 23 for Advanced and Professional players

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This tournament is sanctioned by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) as a B Tier tour event and by The Wisconsin Disc Golf Tour (WI Tour).

IMPORTANT : Please Read This Carefully!!

Pre-registration deadline: all entry fees must be postmarked by July 14th, 2006 . We must receive notice of cancellation prior to July 14th, 2006 for entry fees to be refunded. All pre-registrants will receive a generous player package. Only paid entrants will hold reservations. The waiting list will be utilized to fill vacancies after July 14th, 2006 in the order in which registration and money was received.

Event Info: Get the scoop here
To enter:
You can register on-line or send your name, address, phone #, PDGA#, division, and entry fee to the address below.

Make check payable to: Mad City Open

Send to: Nellie Vallarta-Ast
6292 Sommer Valley Circle
Deforest, Wisconsin 53532

Other Info Contact:
Brad Wendt

Further entry information:

FFI: Duster, phone 608.437.5193
Fax: 608.437.6237

Players Registered as of 7/18/06:

DivCode First Name Last Name PDGA
FPO Kim Keen 23386
FPO Sarah Korinek 24213
FPO Katy Schreder 25238
FPO Barrett White 16737
FPO Pha Chia Yang 25893
FW1 Aimee Betro 17970
FW1 Michele Johnson 29854
MA1 Travis Alderman 26975
MA1 Michael "Machine" Austin 17137
MA1 Michael Batka 20983
MA1 Brad Bauman  
MA1 Randall Bruemmer 24811
MA1 Chris Bunke 23873
MA1 Joe Crane 29596
MA1 Chris Follmer 19349
MA1 Marshall Glassford 24071
MA1 James Govier 29822
MA1 Dusty Hanneman 25227
MA1 Jimi Hendricks  
MA1 Dan Hergenrother 28956
MA1 Scott Jatczak 27687
MA1 Ryan Johnson 29274
MA1 Jon Kennedy 26779
MA1 Steve Knoll 21620
MA1 Tim Kopacz 21621
MA1 Michael LaScola 30591
MA1 Chad Lukes  
MA1 Michael Maffucci 22998
MA1 Gerald Mann 25980
MA1 Tom Matesevac 23272
MA1 David Okeefe 22117
MA1 Rob Olson 19915
MA1 Eric Peterson 21913
MA1 Brandon Schroeder  
MA1 Ben Schwinn 22836
MA1 Ben Singer 25180
MA1 Steve Slater 23634
MA1 Jay Smith 29798
MA1 Ma Vue 21859
MA1 Shelby Watt 20902
MM1 Alan Campfield 30561
MM1 Troy Groendal  
MM1 Ray Hamel 25492
MM1 Greg Hettmansberger 25405
MM1 Jay Joseph 25909
MM1 Tom McManus 1276
MM1 Tim MIller 15936
MM1 Mike Mueller 27478
MPG Dave Delap 12315
MPG Don "Duster" Hoffman 1455
MPG Ron James 23528
MPG Steve "Sammy" Juisto 10889
MPG Dan Madden 6383
MPM Leo Borowski 5275
MPM John Dorn 13295
MPM Elliot Fu 13728
MPM Alan Goldenberg 16620
MPM Jordan Halpern 634
MPM Don Hunkel 4713
MPM Tim Kieffer 12545
MPM Todd "Kozy" Kozlencer 13775
MPM Don Loper 21847
MPM Jeff Millard 17039
MPM Mike Schmitt 14694
MPM Rob Strasser 4672
MPO Clay Abernathey 25765
MPO Brent Baartman 18844
MPO Patrick Blake 21310
MPO Mark Brunner 24064
MPO Jason Budzein 12713
MPO James Elliott 18621
MPO Mike Gerads 23148
MPO Monroy Gowens 23413
MPO Pat Hamill 17230
MPO Chris Heeren 18464
MPO Jason Holmes 25516
MPO Dustin Honold 24275
MPO Cale Leiviska 24341
MPO Frank Luce 13164
MPO Terry "T-Dogg" Miller 10738
MPO Vayong Moua 25894
MPO Tim Schreder 13036
MPO Mike Schwieger 18078
MPO Jon VanDeurzen 14324
FJ1 Sarah House  
FJ1 Savannah House  
MJ1 Kacey Britt  
FW2 Juliane Aschenbrenner 30041
FW2 Nikki Brodlo 28365
FW2 Jessica Janczak 27355
FW2 Trina Knoll 28465
MA2 Brent Aschenbrenner 30040
MA2 Dallas Britt 25538
MA2 Rob Brodlo 21834
MA2 Joshua Buker  
MA2 Alan Campfield 30561
MA2 Jonathan Dobbs  
MA2 James Esner 26907
MA2 Mark Farnham 27643
MA2 Dustin Fisher  
MA2 Gene Halaska 16639
MA2 David Hintzke 21947
MA2 Kyle Marx 28950
MA2 Ryan Miller 30062
MA2 David Pearson  
MA2 Steven Pearson  
MA2 Erik Rasmuson  
MA2 Marie Schwinn 21297
MA2 Alexander Staats 30653
MA2 Mathew Tate  
MA2 Jim Van Lanen 18555
MA2 Daniel Waggoner  
MA2 Galen Wiese  
MA2 Wameng Yang  
MJ1 Dallis Elliott  
MJ1 Ryan Hamel  
MJ1 Nathan Loper 29770
MJ1 Jacob Loper 29771


MCO 2006 Sponsors

Glass Nickel Pizza Company - Title Sponsor
Paradigm Gardens - Silver Sponsor
Du Wayne's Salon

Sportacular Flying Disc

Madison Area Disc Club Ltd.

WI Disc Golf Tour
Seversins Citgo Service
Flying Fortress
Lifetime Disc Sports
Innova Golf Discs

American Family Insurance

A Gift of $2000

Dental Health Associates
Play It Again Sports
Samco Golf Carts
Ale Asylum
Car X
Sports World
Sports Pub
Good Times
Old Town Pub
Pierce's Northside Market
Great Lakes Disc Golf Club


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