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Greetings Fellow Disc Sports Enthusiasts

Welcome to, website of Duster Don. My involvement in flying disc sports began in the mid 1970's. I am ultimately dedicated to the teaching, promotion and enjoyment of the sport. I will endeavor to make this site a first step to a "life-long passion" for interested beginners. I will also strive to create a site that will be interesting and informative for the more advanced and professional players.

This site is dedicated to the growth and development of disc sports. The growth that we have seen has been overwhelming. I am very excited about the many opportunities for disc sports in wisconsin in the years to come, which are being made possible by the volunteer efforts of a great many people.


I came to disc sports through the simple sport of playing catch, then show-off catch, then freestyle, then SCF and distance and finally DDC, accuracy, disc golf and discathon. I know where disc golf roots are.... in the soul of overall competition.

To let these other sports wither and die would be irresponsible. There are generations of disc players on the horizon who have never considered maximum time aloft or experienced the joy of double disc court or the "zonal concentration" of accuracy. It is up to us to keep these sports alive, so future generations can decide for themselves which of the disc disciplines they prefer to excell at.

In 1977, I entered my first professional freestyle competitive event. I remember my enthusiasm was very high (I thought I was quite good too). Now, being able to provide these kind of opportunities for others, I still see that look in the eyes of a great many people of all ages, experiencing the same excitement.

We are well under way to making some great things happen and Wisconsin disc sports is entering a new level as we fly into the new millenium. In 1992, there were a total of 6 disc golf courses in Wisconsin, now there are over 30 golf courses. As far as growth in other disc-iplines, the Wisconsin State Overalls tournament is also growing in popularity. Due to the efforts of many volunteers all over the state, we are more organized and successfully spreading the fun to far more people than ever before. Duster

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Keep your head down and never volunteer!! Those were words to live by in my Marine Corp days, but stop to think where disc sports would be without volunteers. Yep, we'd all be sitting on our duffs watching Tiger Woods make himself into a multi-millionaire.

Volunteers have taken disc sports to the edge of mainstream sports nationally. Volunteers have placed new courses at our disposal all over the state and more "Dream Courses" are to come. Volunteers past and present have built and maintained courses, are working together effectively as clubs, doing community service work in schools and with youth groups.

Through volunteering, people are making names for themselves and embedding those names in the history of disc sports (locally, statewide and nationally). You can get to know people through leagues & tournaments, but when you volunteer, people get to know you!!

Do something for yourself today - volunteer to help disc sports grow. Recognize that this is and always will be an important part of your life. I'm not asking you to do anything you are not capable of, I'll not ask you to do more than you have time for. Understand that a heavy load becomes lighter when it is shared and best of all, people will get to know you!! Duster

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